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Fic stats: Saturday (???) and Sunday. (Yesterday: "concerned with money". Me: "but I wrote almost all of a NSFW scene yesterday, ummm...".)

Cat: hooman you pet
Me: *touches cat*
Cat: *outraged chirp*
Me: you asked for it!

I came in to work this morning and MCW very animatedly recapped the Best Picture fuck up and even though I slept like shit last night and felt horrible, my skin is now clear and my crops are flourishing. (Confession: I haven't seen either yet but I was maxed out on crying at movies by the time Moonlight was anywhere near me and maxed out on Hollywood's love of Hollywood when LLL got here.) I don't know what's greater in this picture, Matt Damon's face or Meryl Streep's face? Actually, I think The Rock's face wins.

Still hoping Casey's terrible hair/beard is for the Lewis & Clark thing; IMDb now says 2018. Also hoping they make Meriwether Lewis have all sorts of unrequited love for William Clark. Do it, HBO!!

Where does a person find kinkmemes and ficathons? I would be interested in these things but have no idea where to look (now that LiveJournal no longer functions that way for fandom).
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(h/t [personal profile] rydra_wong)

YouCaring: Help Heather Corinna Recover From Serious Spinal Damage

Heather (who founded and runs Scarleteen) is a heroine and a national fucking treasure. Please signal-boost and let's help look after her.
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D&D is so amazing because anything can happen, and sometimes very big unexpected things happen because of very few decisions & dice rolls.

Last session, my character:
- bought saddles so she can in the future ride on her beetle familiar (now medium-sized) and be carried by her cat familiar (now large-sized)
- opened a "bank" account
- found out that the giant spider ladies, who in the old timeline decided not to have children because it would make them too powerful, apparently changed their minds
- spied on a powerful enemy, was unfortunately discovered and didn't reply when contacted, which led to an enemy army of 5.600 people finding and attacking the outpost the party is staying at, which incidentally started a war between two very powerful factions
- found out that her soul was created in a human sacrifice ritual
- in order to fight the attacking army, summoned a hurricane, killing over 4.000 enemy combatants (that were in the air) and also several hundred allied soldiers and civilians in collateral damage
- fought the enemy general whose face she wears
- couldn't stop that general from escaping at the very last moment, but at least managed to steal her sentient sword, which might have been controlling her
- kept it together – barely – because there is still a fight going on, but afterwards…

So now I'm playing a character who accidentally started a world war. Wow. And also killed over 4.000 people with one standard action, but who's counting. That's the second time my character majorly fucked up in the past few days, though last time the death toll was "only" in the dozens. A lot of opportunities for character development… if she survives, that is. I feel so sorry for her :(

I write a summary of each session I participated in and send it to the whole group, because usually not everyone can make it. Last time something very dramatic happened it was fun seeing the absent players' reactions in group chat. This time we decided not to send them the summary, we'll let them read it live before the next session so we can enjoy their facial expressions. It's going to be great.

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Feb. 25th, 2017 06:44 pm
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Fic stats for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 'Self-expressive', that's new.

Very slowly nudging projects towards their randomly-decided monthly word count goals: This is going okay. I do have to actually write 750+/day until next Friday at least, so that I can first) beat my previous streak of 25 days, second) win the February challenge, and third) get the badge for writing 30 days in a row. I might bring the college professors + the supernatural novel into play for March and spend some words rewriting what I have of it. The weird Mars novel I've been randomly adding twenty words to here and there this month has no sort of plot yet but I did put a posterboard for planning up on my hallway wall.

I'm enjoying a day where I have no essential reason to leave my house - I have done a little cleaning, a little laundry, some writing, a little reading, and some snacking so far. I also put up the Mercer Mayer print I got from Etsy a few weeks ago. Goopy is currently camped out on my bed, annoyed that I will not join him, but the blankets are all in the dryer. Meanwhile, Eyeless is next to me on the sofa in Weekend Mode - sometimes during the week I hardly see her but then on the weekends she likes to snuggle.

Condo association sent a letter saying we all have to pay $300 for some work on our thirty year-old buildings. I know that's not bad compared to some other assessments I've heard other complexes getting nailed with, but ugh it's still $300. On the other hand, my balance with the electric company was so far in the positive that I didn't have a bill for two months so I guess that evens things a little. (I'm on the budget plan where you pay the same thing for six months and then it's recalculated. Alas, winter electricity has now caught up with me so it's going up $25 for the next round but if this summer is like last summer it will then drop again.)

Ah, Goopy has appeared to yell at me. Sorry buddy, the blankets aren't dry yet!

shouldn't be in front of me

Feb. 22nd, 2017 08:11 am
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Discussion with Goopy-cat yesterday morning:

me: I know the alarm is going off but it will shut up in one minute and I am just going to stay here for a tiny bit longer
Goopy: *touches my shoulder* hooman your alarm
me: I know
Goopy: hooman are you okay
me: ssssh, the bed is nice and warm
Goopy: *puts paw on face so I will turn over* hooman you must go to work

Then I turned over and hugged him so he was happy before I got up - usually I am always getting yelled at to come back to bed so him being concerned that I wasn't getting up was extra cute.

Here are some of my terrible AHL children eating frozen custard. (The nice ones, not the actual terrible ones who are all UFA after this season so I am hoping they will leave and never return.)

Fic stats for Monday and fic stats for yesterday: Yesterday really doesn't count since it was 90% editing what I did on Monday (remember when I said if I was writing Ads fic this season it would be about Freddy? it's that, but it may remain unfinished forever, we'll see).

Word counts check-in for the last week: Pretty good. I have written way more of the Wallander story than I told myself I needed to - there's a "goals" column that's not in the picture where I just guessed at the word counts I could get all my projects to by the end of February and my goal for that fic was only to write a 100-word beginning - and it's not at all the sort of story I started out wanting to do when I added it to my "write someday!" list (in 2012 [?!?!] when I wrote the other Wallander story), so I need to do some re-planning. (I have said this about four times now, this weekend I definitely have to sit down with the show and decide for real where this story fits in.)


Today started out great

Feb. 21st, 2017 01:37 pm
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I got a job! Today was a follow-up to an interview I had in December, and half an hour afterwards a friend of mine who works at that company called to let me know. It's not the most exciting job (mostly software testing) and it's only for half a year, but the pay is okay, it's nearby, I already know the people are nice, and it's a good start. Mostly I'm relieved the search is over. I start in two weeks :) I'm curious how it'll be – I haven't had a full-time job in a long time and never for longer than a month – but I'm optimistic. I'll have less time for anything else, which will definitely be an adjustment.

Also today, the dice I finally ordered last week arrived. For over a year I always borrowed some, but now I have my own and they are very pretty. I even have a perfect small leather bag I can put them in (one I made myself in a museum when I was a kid.) I can't wait to play with them! Last D&D session we mostly spent researching, but next time I might get to animate skeletons for the first time. My cat, who btw is now four times MC's size, will be very happy.

ninety-six point Futura

Feb. 20th, 2017 07:51 am
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Fic stats: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I've gotten a lot more work done on the Wallander story than I expected to this month - my randomly decided unofficial word count goal for the MONTH for it was only 100 words because it is the least-planned of all my works in progress, but it is at 1300 already. It has also gone completely off the board and only about twenty of those words have anything to do with my original idea. I am very much a Planner, not a Pantser, but this story never even reached the planning stage before I was like "I NEED WORDS THIS MONTH SO I WILL WRITE SOME". I suppose nothing about writing this month has made any sense at all. (I think this is what NaNoWriMo actually advocates - a million words of letting your novel do whatever it wants!)

Speaking of novels, I just ordered some posterboard from the local Office Depot so I can make a giant timeline/outline for my weird Mars novel. (I ran out of wrapping paper that I wanted to sacrifice.) No one comes to my house anyway, so why shouldn't I cover the long hallway wall in novel notes?

Took my dad to his first Admirals game yesterday for his 65th birthday. Here we are looking like real fans in our Ads gear. They won in overtime and I'm still not sure how they managed to keep up with the Checkers other than Freddy Gaudreau just being magic lately. (Were I writing Ads fic this season, it would be about Freddy and also maybe someone would run Ribeiro over with a zamboni.)
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