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ionthesparrow ([personal profile] ionthesparrow) wrote2014-12-16 09:05 pm

Tear Down Your Heroes status update

...for the, like, three of you who are reading this and care :)

I swear to god I was not lying when I said Chapter 2 (of what I'm planning on being a four chapter epic) was written. The word doc has fluctuated between 30K and about 34K and back again since the first part went live.

In that interim, I made the mistake of taking on other writing projects (boring work things, but also a hockey big bang story, and a Yuletide story - which you'll have to wait for). Also, my ever-trusty beta editor went through some Serious Shit. So there was that.

But that's life, right?

Anyway. I have re-written the first 2000 words literally five times. No kidding. The first 10000 words of this at least twice. I'm alot happier with it now than I was before, but I still haven't made it through the whole thing.

So many things happen, you guys, so many things.

(one of the most frequent beta comments I leave on other people's stories is, "You're rushing this. If this is actually important, slow down, flesh it out and show it to me, instead of just telling me about it" - and my beta reader's response to this whole chapter was basically, "this is a pretty nice, pretty detailed 30,000 word summary of the fic you want to write", I feel like this is basically karmatic revenge. You get me?)

Also, this is by far the most intimidating writing project I have ever tackled for so, so many reasons, not just length. So if you happen to one of the people out there who read chapter 1 and has encouraged me - thank you. thank you so much. you have no idea how much it means to me to hear.

No idea how much of this I'll get through before the end of the year, but know I'm working on it :)