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For Yuletide, I wrote 15.5K about football, math jokes, and one ever-so-slightly neurotic QB:

This Won't Hurt

Possibly I achieved an overabundance of feelings about the KC Chiefs, possibly (probably) because I wasn't allowed to talk about them. BUT NOW I CAN! (and I will). First things first, though, everybody should probably meet Alex (puckling, let me know if I'm doing this picspam thing right):

[the second part is here]

Say hi, Alex

Alex was drafted in 2005:

As a baby, he looked like this:

Or this:

Or maybe you prefer this?

Or, oh fuck, this:

He had a tumultuous time in San Francisco, where he was sometimes smiley:

The ears, wtf is up with the ears?

Worked hard:

(also managed to have some fun):

And was a huge fanboy of the SF Giants:

And did some "acting":

for the full commercial, see here

And this?

I have no idea what's happening here? Alex proving he is the world's best human?

And did things like testify on behalf of children in foster care (no, seriously):

But the 49ers were a... let's just say inconsistently managed franchise, and often Alex looked more like this:

And like this:

And like this:

They spent a lot of time losing:

or maybe Alex just doesn't like Anthony Davis looking at his ass?

BUT! They got their shit together - they hired firebrand Jim Harbaugh. They strung wins together. They got into the postseason, and in 2012, they were all set to do it again.

And then Alex got hurt.

The rest is history. Alex lost the starting job to Kaepernick, and Kaepernick never gave it up.

And all of THAT will get talked about in a future post! (off to watch the Winter classic and nurse a hangover :)


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