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Oct. 12th, 2017 08:04 am
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Oh look, I still have this Jamie Bell icon from... a million years ago. (Undertow came out in 2004; close enough.) Anyway, as part of my preparatory Yuletide work I re-watched The Eagle because it's one of the fandoms I offered, and LOL I still can't believe how seriously that movie takes itself. It was hilarious at the time because that was when I still felt Channing Tatum was a joke being played on America, a stance I have since had to reconsider. But still why is Donald Sutherland in this movie!! Why is Mark Strong in this movie!!

Anyway, Yuletide assignments have since arrived and: HEY, a year where I could technically write all three of this person's requests? (and also, why do they only have three? but okay). Will I do this? I don't know yet, friends, but this year for Yuletide I am trying to keep things more moderate than last year's insanity. Also this year I'd like to write more than one treat story - I need to post about 15k still before the end of the year to make my writing goal, which I feel is doable. (Soon it will be "write fic for NaNoWriMo" time and I'll need words for that; I think my project list is in good enough shape.)

Tizanidine update: My neurologist was less Entitled White Man this visit, probably because I acted very "I need to leave and not sit here and chat" once we were done talking about the medication. He upped my dose, and I'm really hoping it works because I don't want to have to go to the next thing. Today I actually feel A LOT better, after yesterday just being horrible - I'm wondering if part of it wasn't due to the weather changing - to the point of my dad mentioning how bad I looked when I picked up my sister to go to the Admirals ticket pickup shindig with me. I took some Aleve after that, which helped with the pain more than taking Advil or Tylenol has done so far. Ugh, I am so over feeling chronically yucky! Do not recommend.

Dear Yuletide Author

Oct. 8th, 2017 04:14 am
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for having great taste ♥:D This year as last, the fandoms I requested are fandoms that I really enjoyed, and have almost no fic at all, and I just want... more of them.

This year I rambled on in my sign up, so I don't actually have anything to add to the prompts; I'll just paste them again here:

1. The West Wing Weekly (Podcast) - Josh & Hrishi

So I became addicted to this podcast over the summer, and I love Josh and Hrishi's dynamic - the banter and teasing, and the clearly very deep affection and appreciation they have for each other. They seem like the kind of internet-savvy who have a fairly high chance of stumbling across fic written about them, so I'm not shipping them, but I'd love reading something that just gives me a little more of their relationship that we see on the podcast :-) Potential prompts, if those help:
-magic crossover where Josh and Hrishi find themselves in the Sports Night universe (or The West Wing one)
-guests they've managed to book on the show (RL or fictional; Lin-Manuel Miranda? Leslie Knope?)
-recording snafus or pranks
-musicals Josh makes Hrishi see (Josh can be forced to consume some media in return)
-really though anything else :-)

2. Younger (TV) - Liza, Charles, Josh

I marathoned this entire show in less than a week and had so much fun, and kept changing who I wanted Liza to end up with when really the answer should be obvious: why should she have to choose? :D If you are into OT3s, I would love some Liza/Charles/Josh endgame here, whether seeing a scene from the road to that happening, or a scene from when it does. I also enjoy Liza/Josh and Liza/Charles separately, and while we've seen the former we haven't seen too much of the latter onscreen, so that would also be wonderful. And I didn't request her as one of the characters, but I LOVE Kelsey and her friendship with Liza, and also kind of ship her with Josh - so if that's a direction you want to go, go ahead :-) Basically - I really enjoy this show, but it's been like four seasons of UST, so any romantic resolutions* would be BLESSED. (*sex not mandatory)

Captain America (Movies) RPF - Anthony Mackie

After Civil War I fell down a youtube rabbit hole of cast interviews and PR that left me with an intense craving for Anthony Mackie/Sebastian Stan who have the most adorable chemistry between them - teasing, mutual appreciation, some actual competition I think, Team Cap solidarity. I love behind the scenes stuff, and in general find the setting of the Marvel films filming pretty fascinating - a project these people return to time after time, and especially Civil War when all of these different characters were brought together. So anything Mackie/Stan you want to write, or like, Mackie/Stan/Evans, will be cherished.

(*btw if you're worried - Stan/Evans aren't eligible in the nomination process, but you can definitely still write them either into the story or as part of a ship, so long as the fic isn't, like, only about them.)

If you are not into that ship or their relationship at all, I am very happy to read about Anthony Mackie on the set or press tour, interacting with RDJ, Chris Evans, Tom Holland, the rest of the actors, yay team.

4. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl - Doreen Green | Squirrel Girl

I haven't read all of Squirrel Girl, but I've read a few issues and love Doreen, her spirit and her humor - TISG is one of the funniest comics I've read. My favorite parts are when she ties into the larger Marvel universe, specifically her relationships with the Avengers, on social media (her and Iron Man! <333) and off it, whether she's kicking their asses or saving them. So I'd love to read more of that. Or, if you prefer something else - Doreen's the kind of person who's going to be underestimated so much of the time, whether for her powers or her social skills or personality, and I love moments where people who underestimated you are proven wrong, or discover your secret skills/identity(/the fact that you're kind of BFFs with Iron Man). So any scenes along those lines would also be cool :-)

5. Gifted (2017) - Frank Adler

I just loved the movie, and want more; Frank and Mary, Frank and Roberta, Frank and Bonnie... just more scenes of *what happens next*. ALTERNATIVELY: look, I'm not saying I have a Chris Evans problem, but if you want to write some kind of Captain America crossover... I would not be against that.


And in the end, everything I wrote are just suggestions, and I am a very flexible reader who likes a WHOLE LOT OF STUFF so really, I'm just glad to be getting something in any of these fandoms, and I hope you enjoy the process of writing and participating. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to approach me via anonymous comment/the mods. Thank you and have a wonderful yuletide ♥

Dear Yuletide Author

Oct. 6th, 2017 03:50 pm
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Hi! Thank you very much for writing a story for me! :D

Things I like:
* I love friendship/team/found family fic. Characters who grow to like each other, trust each other, and eventually would do many things for each other, yes please. Especially when they're in slightly different positions/places/there are obstacles etc.
* Related to that, navigating relationships: how do they deal with daily life, how do they support and comfort each other at the end of the day, how do they solve conflicts, what happens if there are conflicting loyalties? I'm a big fan of loyalty, betrayal, (self-)sacrifice, and related tropes in general.
* Some other things I love: h/c, competent characters, hugs, plot, happy or at least optimistic endings, …

Things I don't like for Yuletide:
* Stories with a very dark or hopeless ending
* Explicit rape or abuse
* Character bashing
* Stories focusing on harlequin romance tropes or explicit sex
* Different world AUs, like coffeeshop AUs or Harry Potter fusions. I love the canon worlds of all these fandoms so I'd prefer to read fic taking place there. What-if AUs are cool.

Have fun! The prompts below are guidelines, I hope they help you think of ideas.

Spiderlight – Adrian Tchaikovsky )

Children of Time - Adrian Tchaikovsky )

The Bright Sessions (Podcast) )

Elemental Logic series – Laurie J. Marks )

neighbors are weird

Oct. 5th, 2017 10:34 pm
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Tomorrow is trash day in my corner of suburbia. I came home and the seventy-something year old lady next door (or her lawn guy) had taken half of my trash cans, filled them with her yard debris...and put them out in front of my house. I mean, we only use one trash can a week and the rest go unused (which she probably noticed), but still, that is just weird. Also I am assuming that I will then be responsible for putting them back tomorrow. It's not a big deal of course but just, weird. 

I guess this is the equivalent of people throwing random trash in your trash cans when you live in the city?

Studying is hard

Oct. 5th, 2017 11:27 pm
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Conclusion: I'm still not very good at studying. I get distracted too easily, I did almost nothing yesterday (in my defense there were extenuating circumstances, like being almost nauseous from hunger because I forgot to eat breakfast before going to the dentist - okay, still my fault), today I also reread long fics instead of studying... but at least I did study for four hours, that's something. But not much. (I bet LB I could do six, hmpf.) I'll do a bit more, and it'll be fine. The exam is tomorrow at noon. Terrible timing, because this is the one time I would have wanted to watch a Critical Role episode live. (I'm so nervous!) Ah well. Better luck next time. At least what I'm studying is interesting (more details some other time) and no matter how well I'll do - I'm very curious because I feel like I really can't say - I'm glad I'm learning again.


Oct. 4th, 2017 08:57 pm
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Dear Yuletide writer,

I am easy to please and I want you to write a story that you are excited about! But if you are interested, here is some information about things I like in fic and things I like about each of the fandoms I requested. :)

General likes: I love AUs, happy endings, melancholy endings, found families, friendship, ensemble fics, porn (although porn is never required for me to enjoy a story), good dialogue, slow-build sexual tension, and world-building. I like stories that critique problematic real-life stuff like sexism & homophobia. 

General dislikes: incest, non-con, humiliation, misogyny, a/b/o, mpreg. 

Things I like about the fandoms I requested:

Hamilton RPF:

I requested Lin-Manuel Miranda & Daveed Diggs. I love them both dearly and think they are both geniuses. I would love to see a story explore their time performing Hamilton together, being brilliant together...platonic or romantic, whatever you want. 

The Course of Honour:

I LOVE THIS STORY. I love the emotional depth of the main characters. I love how smart Jainan & Kiem are in different ways. I have such a huge soft spot for Jainan's science knowledge. *hearteyes*

Star Wars RPF: 

I'll be honest, basically I am requesting this because Diego Luna is beautiful and Rogue One made me cry. I requested him and Riz Ahmed, and I would love a story about them having fun on set, or getting into mischief after filming wraps up, or whatever you are interested in writing about. 

U.S. politics

My main request for this fandom is just that Donald Trump is not president by the end of the story. Haha. Hah. 

But seriously. This is the story I want: ONLY HAPPY ENDINGS. Trump gone, Mueller downing Tums for a stress-induced ulcer, and Michelle Obama having an awesome day on a beach somewhere. A little justice in the world, some happiness. The works.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this -- seriously, have fun and write what you want! Happy Yuletide. <3

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