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**edited 11/14 -- I'm dropping out of Hockey Holidays exchange writing-wise :( But I'm leaving these prompts up, just in case someone out there had started writing something, I don't want you to feel like your fic would be unwelcome. It's totally welcome, I'm just not up to writing something right now!

I did delete the Jack Eichel prompt, because -- well -- in this post-election world writing and reading about people who have vocally supported Trump is pretty unappealing.

Hope you all are finding goodness and comfort out there, somewhere.

Much love - A **


Hi, yes, hello, welcome to this too-long letter. I'm excited you're reading it! Maybe it will inspire you!

Here are the pairings I'm requesting:

Connor McDavid/Andrew Wiggins [X]
Nick Shore/Quentin Shore [X]
Shayne Gostisbehere/Kyle Rau [X]
Paul Bissonnette/Adrian Kempe [X]
Leon Draisaitl/Anze Kopitar [X]

Standard Disclaimer: If you like details/prompts, read on! Feel free to mix and match prompts, pick and choose, etc etc.

And if you don’t like to be hemmed in, write the story of your dreams, I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing <3

General Things I Love:

Sci-fi/fantasy themes/twists: Symbolic invisibility. Magic combined with hockey (psychic bonds that give you an advantage on the ice. Eight seconds of foresight to foreseen face-offs. Telekinesis to help you corral the puck). Space. Space stations. Disaster in space. (Teams working together to overcome disasters!!!). Talking animals. Witches. Demons. Highly formal magical systems battling with kitchen witchery. Military magic. What hockey looks like in the future. What hockey looks like in the past.

Dystopias & Grim themes/twists: Disaster. Apocalypses, zombie or otherwise. Especially disaster/dystopia PLUS hockey, like, what if the World Cup involved players being kidnapped and forced to forced to play, gladiator style, for their survival. Arranged marriage/pregnancy/bonding by shady or nefarious authorities. Dubious ethical and moral choices. Destruction in the name of protecting loved ones. Lopsided or parasitic soul bonds.

Hockey Life: Travel stories. Being on the road stories. Making team into family. Grappling with identity/self discovery. Coming out. Public vs private life. Small ridiculous hockey moments, like… the wrong uniforms being sent on a road game, driver getting the bus lost, luggage lost = no coats in EDM. Incredibly awkward signing events. Looking dumb in interviews. Face planting on the ice. Making some kid really happy. First time getting recognized in new city. Crying after being cut. Embarrassing injuries. Overcoming insecurity or shame.

Die Hard Things You Cannot Go Wrong With: Crying. Bed sharing. People being outwardly respectful to authority figures, while internally mocking or undermining them.

Oh, and always feel free to experiment with structure, POV, etc.

General Things I Avoid:

PWP. Always-a-girl AUs. Stories centered around marriage* or child-rearing.

*So I always say this, right? And then I noticed that like the very first prompt I came up with was an arranged marriage plot -- so you know, I guess knock yourself out there, if that's what you wanna write :)

Connor McDavid/Andrew Wiggins

This is when Connor said, "I look so small."

I love that Connor and Andrew are both quiet & shy, and happen to be insanely talented athletes. I love that they probably understand things about each other, like the effect of being in the spotlight, in a way few other people can. I love that Connor said I! Look! So! Small! I love Connor’s awkwardness, and the way he seems intent on shouldering the burden of leadership in Edmonton. I know less about Andrew, but I’d love to see how his role on another struggling team parallels or contrasts.


1. They are basically Canadian Royalty – so where is the royalty AU? Arranged marriage fic??? Maybe they have been betrothed since childhood but have never met until recently? Or maybe negotiations are ongoing? Maybe you would like to write their incredibly awkward wedding night? Apparently they were super awkward upon meeting each other so that should be great.

2. Fic where the Biosteel #Camp is for (mutants/magical-powered/”gifted”) individuals. Because they are, basically, super heroes and here is an awkward video with Cabbie to prove it. And there’s some sort of (disaster/supervillain attack) and they have to band together to save (people/fluffy animals/each other). And fall in love.

3. Also kind of a royalty scenario, but what if their kingdoms are at war?

4. What if they take The Great Canadian Road Trip together to escape… fame? And travel all around Canada and there are all kinds of hijinks as they try to disguise their identities. (and fall in love)

Nick Shore/Quentin Shore

two of the four Shore brothers, proving they don't know how to dress for an ice arena

I should probably feel worse about this pairing than I actually do, but whatever. Nick Shore is a solidly mediocre member of the Los Angeles Kings, and that makes him basically automatically beloved to me. I love the mediocre ones! So much!!

Nick Shore also looks a bit like a creepy serial killer.

I mean. Come on, he does.

His younger brother, Quentin Shore, (here’s a nice write up on the family. And here's another one) went unsigned this summer, and then showed up at LAK’s rookie camp.

He got bounced to Ontario pretty quick, BUT STILL. Double the Shore, Double the fun as far as I’m concerned.

Basically, I would love a story about the brothers in LA together for camp. Or prepping for the season. Or the full family history, if you feel up to it. The ideas I have for this pairing are all kind of… dark... but if you want to put your own spin on it, and it’s all sweetness and light and brother-fucking, I would love to read it.


1. The Shores are a family of serial killers, who are super weird about each other, and possibly in love with each other. Maybe Nick is trying to escape his family’s influence and flees to the west coast, and Quentin is sent to drag him back into the fold? Or maybe they’re just psyched about the opportunity to murder their way through California together? Where did older brother Drew go? Did they kill him?

2. Basically the same as above, except instead of human serial killers, they’re demons? Or maybe possessed by demons that make them extra good at hockey? Maybe Nick has some Good Omensy relationship-thing going on with Angel Tyler Toffoli and his brother shows up and sets the balance all askew?

3. Some kind of weird frontier-type AU where the isolation has driven them all mostly crazy.

4. Nick Shore is hella weird and protective of his younger brother, because Quentin is a… magical creature of some kind? Or because they’re fucking? Or because he’s magic and they’re fucking? Or he’s trying to protect Quentin from something demonic? Or he’s trying to protect the rest of the team from Quentin????

And I’d love to see how any of those ideas could be combined with hockey. And if you’re looking for other people to include, Nick lived with Tyler Toffoli last year, and Quentin is good friends with Seth Jones.

Shayne Gostisbehere/Kyle Rau

separate pictures because this is a made-up pairing

Everyone gets to have one completely made-up pairing, right?

I’m shamelessly lifting part of this section from a previous exchange letter because I STILL BELIEVE IN THE GOODNESS OF THIS IDEA.


At 10:20pm local time, on April 12 2014, Union College defeated the University of Minnesota in the Frozen Four Championship game.

The game was held in Philadelphia, and it featured the resurgent, upstart Union College against powerhouse UMN. Minnesota’s junior co-captain Kyle Rau was held to one assist in this game, while Union’s junior alternate Captain Shayne Gostisbehere had 3 points and was a plus 7.

Union won the game 7-4.

Shayne’s a Florida boy, playing far from home. Kyle’s competing for his hometown team, but both were named to the All-Tournament Roster, Shayne was named best player of Tournament. Both were third round draft picks. After that year, Shayne left to turn pro; whereas Kyle returned to UMN for his senior year, intent on getting Minnesota it’s revenge. (which was not to be, his senior year, UM washed out in the semis).

Next: it’s the 15-16 hockey season. Shayne is a standout on the Philadelphia blue line. He’s logging real minutes, he has his own emoji nickname. He’s in the Calder discussion. Kyle is in his first year as a pro, down in the AHL, awaiting his call up. He finally gets called up in late February. He plays well, but doesn’t get a point – although he comes achingly close a couple times. Then, on March 12th, a month shy of the two year anniversary of Union’s championship, Philly travels to Florida to take on the Panthers. Nick and Kyle are out on the ice together, and have a two-on-one breakaway. Nick sends over a beautiful pass… that is broken up by a diving Shayne Gostisbehere.

Ghost scores late in the third to force OT. Florida takes the game in a shootout, but Kyle’s sent down the next day.

[Update: AND Gostisbehere got to be on Team NA and Kyle… obviously did not]


Basically, I am here for all the rivals to fucking fic. All of it. They don’t even have to like each other by the end (although they can if you want!) and in fact, I’m pretty down with Kyle Rau hating himself. And crying. Maybe he could just cry a few times along the way?

And please feel free to include Nick Bjugstad in any way you would like. Please.


1. Kyle getting involved with Shayne and having to confess this to Nick and Nick being super confused because all Kyle has done for two years is talk about how much he hates Shayne

2. Maybe they are the only other queer hockey players they know, and so everyone expects them to be friends, and they Are Not Friends (until they are).

3. Maybe they hate each other until the world ends and Shayne helps Kyle rescue Nick and then all is forgiven and also threesomes.

4. Accidental mpreg.

Paul Bissonnette/Adrian Kempe

Oh, hey

Here are some fun articles about Paul (and Adrian!) on the Ontario Reign!

Two giant, mouthy assholes on the same team, in the same, shitty middle-of-nowhere town in southern California? Delightful. And one of them’s a gritty vet on his way down and the other is a flashy young talent on his way up? DOUBLE DELIGHTFUL.

Basically, I love them. I love that they’re both insufferable in their own ways. I love that they’re the odd couple. I love that Paul was supposed to take Adrian under his wing and – I’m not sure Adrian wants to be under anyone’s wing, ever. I love the idea that Paul thought he was being saddled with a shy, retiring Scandinavian kid, and instead got this:

gosh, he's such a delightful asshole

I mean, this seems like an accurate response:

yeah you better worry


1. Adrian is a huge video game fan. And I would read one million words of any kind of gamer AU

2. Paul is expected to help prep Adrian for the NHL and to protect him on the ice. Does Adrian chafe at thinking he needs guidance/protection? Does Paul eventually win his gratitude/devotion?

2b. A hella shady arrangement where Adrian offers sexual favors in return for protection on the ice. What happens when Paul gets hurt defending him and can’t play?

3. The one where Adrian is a demon of some kind, and basically decides Paul is his pet. And insists on keeping him around because he likes him. Maybe dragging Paul back up to the NHL in the process. Paul is: confused? Grateful? Terrified?

Leon Draisaitl/Anze Kopitar

separate pictures even though this pairing is not made up. Their love is real.

The softest captain and the boy who loves him!!!!

Leon supposedly idolizes Anze Kopitar, and to be honest: who doesn’t? Kopi is the greatest, most wonderful, gentlest, smiliest, talented – you get the point. He’s super great. Leon is super smart to be into him. And they got to play on the World Cup team together! Destiny!!!!

Here is Leon talking about how great Anze is.

Here is Anze talking about how great Leon is.

And here he is again still talking about Leon.

And here is someone else talking about how great Leon thinks Anze is.

And finally, here is everyone else talking about how great Anze is.


1. Apocalypse (zombie or otherwise) during the World Cup means the surviving hockey players must band together to escape. Anze Kopitar smiles gently at people and gently encourages them to safety. Leon falls in love.

2. Leon is in love with Kopi, who keeps smiling gently at him, and the whole story is various players helping him work up the nerve to make his move

3. Dystopian version of the World Cup where Leon is given to Kopi as some sort of prize, and despite the fact that Kopi smiles very gently, both of them are terrified.

4. Some kind of espionage AU, where Leon is a spy (sent my Team NA???) to sabotage Kopi’s organization/team, but Kopi smiles so gently that Leon falls in love.

Gosh. Well. Okay, that’s probably way too much – so, you know, just take whatever’s useful and ignore the rest. THANK YOU, can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!!


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